Thoughts on Brexit

Written 1st July:

I feel like I have had a dark cloud over my head for the last week… the news that 52% of UK voters chose to leave the EU fills me with sadness. I can’t believe how different my values seem to be from that much of the rest of the population. I don’t understand why the UK (thanks to 52% of those who voted) is choosing to turn away from its nearest neighbours; it seems to be a completely backward step. To be honest, I feel completely ashamed to be British right now. Those of you who do not live in the UK but are aware of this news, please do not think all British people want to leave the EU and build up walls. My only hope left is that it gives a much more fundamental shake up to the way our society works, to change it for the better. I’m not feeling very hopeful of that right now but I’ve got to hope, and do what I can in the meantime.


One thought on “Thoughts on Brexit

  1. Hi Emily,

    With not a lot better to do this evening I was reviewing the icons on my iPad and came across your blog. The last time I looked at it I think you were entering China from Russia.

    Anyway, I am prompted to comment on Brexit. The turnout for the referendum was 72%, so in fact Brexit support was a mere 37% of the electorate. It is by no means certain that a majority wish to leave the EU. And there’s a long way to go yet. Don’t give up hope.

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