Under pressure

I’m finding myself with the Queen song stuck in my head rather a lot the last couple of days… Feeling the pressure with only 6 working days left at the Hub and still so much to do, plus increasingly pressing train and visa requirements!

Keeping the 100 happy days ethos – in 1 day

I had a heck of a lot to be happy about yesterday being my birthday and all so I decided I could probably quite easily come up with 26 reasons to match my 26 years:

1- just simply spending time with friends

2- presents that make you feel loved (one example in the photo)

3- cards with words you know are full of meaning

4- hand-written envelopes landing on the mat

5- having breakfast in the sunshine

6- eating melted cheese

7- being asked to do a reading at a friend’s wedding

8- ticking off items on your to do list

9- feeling like a new text appears every time you look at your phone (that NEVER happens!)

10- being wished happy birthday by a stranger on the phone

11- finally catching up with a friend after failing to for weeks

12- hearing good news about Dad’s health

13- people you don’t expect to remember remembering it’s your birthday

14- looking forward to the weekend

15- not being at work on a sunny week day

16- trying out a new independent cafe

17- doing a favour for someone else

18- wearing heels – a rare occasion!

Hmmm okay I’ve petered out at 18. Still, I think that’s pretty good!

2014-07-14 10.10.50

Mainstreaming sustainability at Cambridge University

Had such a great meeting with James and Polly at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability today – so fantastic to see their drive and what they’re achieving with big businesses. And there were so many helpful suggestions for the Hub and discussions about making the issues we’re both engaged in mainstream. After those kinds of meetings I’m always so hopeful that big positive change really can happen.