Grassroots activism in Russia: A conversation with Tatyana Kagina

I was having a quick review of my blog posts and realised I never put this one up from back in Moscow! … Environmental action at grassroots level is on the increase in Russia. Tatyana puts this down to a number of factors: – Internet – use of social networks (and increasingly apps too) for … Read more

The joys of travelling, and travelling with a purpose

It is not so in keeping with most of my blog posts which focus on people, organisations and initiatives tackling environmental issues, but I wanted to write on this topic because it is so important – one of the reasons I enjoy travelling so much is experiencing the support provided and friendliness shown by so … Read more

Centre Zapovedniks

Where – the offices of Centre Zapovedniks in central Moscow, Russia (it took me about 30 mins metro from the Kremlin and then 15 min bus ride – many people commute 2 hours from home to work within Moscow according to Taya!).   When – we met on 15th September 2014. The organisation was set … Read more

So much inspiration!

The profile of Musora Bolshe Net is up: – an organisation I met in St Petersburg Tatyana, an environmental activist in Moscow, told me so many inspiring stories yesterday – more on that soon, probably after our long train journey that we start on Thursday! Amazing meeting just now with Zapovedniki – such incredible … Read more

St Petersburg reflections – environmental action in Russia

I’ve been trying to find out a bit about environmental behaviour, legislation and culture in Russia through my conversations with Denis from Musora Bolshe Net (an organisation encouraging waste free living, more info here) and Angelina Davydova, an environmental journalist and lecturer at St Petersburg State University. Here are a few of my insights and … Read more

The trip

Here’s the itinerary of the trip Emily took in 2014/15 that was the original reason for this blog: 1st September – Leave the UK, Eurostar to Cologne via Brussels, overnight to Warsaw 2nd-5th September¬†– Warsaw, Poland 6th-9th September – Vilnius, Lithuania 9th-13th September – St Petersburg, Russia 13th-16th September – Moscow 17th-19th September – Suzdal … Read more