Beijing bonanza of organisations

The overlap of our week-long stay in Beijing with the national holiday that kicked off on Oct 1st was not the best way to start my environmental explorations in China! I have not been able to meet up with very many of the plethora of environmental organisations there are in Beijing. I have done a LOT of sightseeing though! (The highlight was the Great Wall, of course, and finally experiencing real Chinese food!)


Not all was lost – I met a wonderful organisastion called Thirst on Wednesday (profile coming soon). I was also due to meet two more, China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN) and Global Environmental Institute ( yesterday. Unfortunately, due to not having a working Chinese phone, both meetings failed to materialise – the first due to timings and the second due to my inability to find the office – SO frustrating! I am hoping to connect through Skype or with their colleagues in Shanghai – we will see.


I contacted many more but I think the holidays, language and difficulties with internet restrictions (WordPress is also not allowed apparently) has reduced potential responses. Still, I thought it would be worth mentioning some of the sorts of organisations I came across from the research I did:

– Friends of Nature China

– China Energy Trip

– Shangri La Institute for Sustainable Communities

– World Young Leaders

– China Association for Non-Governmental Organisations (CANGO)

– G:Hub


All doing interesting and varied things by the sounds of their websites!