The dictionary definitions of engagement are as follows:

  1. A formal agreement to get married.
  2. An arrangement to do something or go somewhere at a fixed time.
  3. The action of engaging or being engaged.
  4. A fight or battle between armed forces.


This part of the blog relates to all of these:

  1. This new section within the blog has arisen out of Mike and I getting engaged.
  2. Our plans will involve arrangements to go places at fixed times (essentially, more travelling, as is the feature of the rest of the blog).
  3. These trips will involve engaging and being engaged by other people to learn about what they are doing (in a similar way to what the original Seek the Change trip involved).
  4. I’m less convinced the idea of a fight is also part of it, but it is about wanting to step up to uphold my values and aspirations for the future, both of which sometimes feel less prevalent and possible in the world at the moment.

I have written an introductory blog post here.

If you hover over the heading ‘Engagement’ you can read about the various initiatives we visit during this endeavour.



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