Hong Kong, microcosm of the world

There is so much going on here around taking action on environmental issues. Like the city itself, the green scene is diverse, contrasting, varied and FULL of activity and buzz. But the passion of the people I have met and the great things they are doing are happening against a backdrop of extreme wealth inequality, huge pressure on land, a very high environmental footprint and a lot of unsettled and dissatisfied groups of people within Hong Kong (note the protests going on here at the moment).


It feels like Hong Kong is a microcosm of the rest of the world – I can see so much natural beauty, cultural diversity and human achievement as well as the many issues and problems there are. It definitely describes itself well as a ‘world city’. For that reason, I think it is an important place to watch, to see where all of these fantastic efforts to sustainability go.


Will the hopes of many here to see Hong Kong become a ‘green’ society be realised? Based on the passion, knowledge, expertise and drive of the people I have met here, I would say those hopes can be made reality. They have started – here’s hoping they can make it grow to the scale that it needs to. And if Hong Kong can do it, the rest of the world can do it too.



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