My penultimate day/Into the risk zone

A poem I formed while meandering Devonport earlier, reflecting a bit on my trip and savouring my final full day in New Zealand…

As I while away my penultimate day
On my trip of a lifetime, I find my mind says
To everyone out there, be brave, take the leap
To realise your dreams – plunge into the deep.

It may not be travelling that quite whips your cream
But it’s into the risk zone you must go for your dream.
It’s scary, bewildering, it might make you quite ill
(Giardia in my case) but it can’t dampen the thrill

Of living the life you didn’t think you could.
Here’s the advice that I followed to help you make good
The promise to yourself to live your life to the full:

Smile, be kind, to yourself and to others,
Connect, reflect, be thankful, tell others,
Live life by your values (first decide what they are),
Be the change you want to see, then your dreams won’t be far

Away from reality to grasp with both hands
To live your ideal life. No excuses, you can!

(As a postscript I should say your comfort zone takes time
To encompass risks originally too scary to try.
So be patient, but push yourself and slowly you’ll see
You’re achieving the things you thought never could be).


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