Thinking back to Siberia…

I have just put up two profiles from my time back in Tomsk in Russia – one for the Siberian Ecological Agency and one from social entrepreneur Valeriy Koshelev. You can view them under the profiles tab or go to them here:

Hello Hong Kong! Plus blog post on Escape The City…:

I have officially travelled overland all the way from the UK to Hong Kong – I am feeling quite a sense of achievement! I think I am going to have to work out how many miles/km etc to summarise it…

Besides that, I am also very excited to feature on the Escape The City blog – see  – Planting Trees & Setting Up Coffee Shops: Supporting social enterprise from a Taiwanese perspective. Please take a look and share with anyone it might be relevant to!


3605km, 49 hours and 3 time zones later…we’re in Tomsk!

- For some insight into Russia’s protected areas, which cover 11% of the land mass see

– Being given atour tomorrow by Valeriy involved with Musora Bolshe Net, runs his own social enterprise, and apparently we are going to be on regional TV!

A cuppa with the reluctant innovator Ken Banks


So many interesting chats and so much useful advice and helpful tips – last meet up before the trip! If you haven’t read Ken’s book, ‘The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator’, then you should – it will inspire you: