VoyageVert – a sustainable alternative to flight

This seems like a great initiative to support if you’re worried about those ever increasing aviation emissions like me…
VoyageVert are proposing a very exciting sounding alternative to flying to help tackle climate change. They also have all sorts of rewards on offer depending on what amount you want to pledge. They’ve got 5 days left to make their target so get pledging!

Lessons learnt, experiences in summary

A longer reflection on the headlines below can be found on the Centre for Social Innovation blog

At the risk of sounding clichéd, travelling really does re-instil the goodness of human nature.

It is difficult to live in the here and now.

Culture, society and infrastructure significantly affect how easy it is to be green.

Most common response to the greatest challenge of those working towards environmental sustainability? “Money”.

Most common response to how behaviour change is measured? “It’s difficult!”/”It’s a work in progress”.

What first motivates people to take action on environmental issues? Varied BUT common themes – teacher/parent/friend, nature, seeing injustice, having children.

And the most important three of all:

Individuals really can and do make significant changes.

Individuals who do make changes are empowered, confident, and believe in their ability to make a difference.

Connecting with others is key for creating wide-spread change.


Immigrant employability and Belgian social cohesion – learning in the Mongolian steppe

See new profile on DUO for a JOB, a social enterprise in Belgium, focused on increasing social cohesion and the employability of new immigrants in Belgium –

I didn’t go to Belgium to learn about this I must admit – Matthieu, one of my travel companions in Mongolia, is one of the co-founders! We had some very interesting conversations in the Mongolian Steppe.