“Doing something” in Calais

It is amazing how much a team of short-term volunteers can get done with Help Refugees at their warehouse in Calais – going even for just a day or two lends itself to helping sort and organise all the donated items coming in.


Anyone thinking of going, I would highly recommend it for the tangible help you can provide. It’s also great insight to the amazing team behind the efforts to remember that people living in the Calais & Dunkirk camps are people too.20160501_110141


I had no idea how much was involved in the process from turning donated clothes into ‘packs’ for new people arriving at the camps. It also gives me a better understanding and respect for the efforts behind the scenes at any charity shop on the high street!


Lithuania, Let’s Do It World!

Great chat with Vaida and Roberta in Vilnius (part of the Let’s Do It World network) this afternoon!

200,000 people get involved in the annual clean up day which Mes Darom, the biggest environmental group in Lithuania, organise every year, taking action on and raising awareness about the problematic disposal of rubbish. According to Vaida and Roberta, the amount of rubbish being collected each year gets less because people are thinking more carefully about where they throw things – sign of success!

Recycling is at an earlier stage here to what it is in the UK (my comparison point!) but the future looks positive for better waste management and the level of environmental awareness amongst the Lithuanian population – apparently the number of environmental initiatives and people getting involved keeps on growing.

For the full profile go to www.seekthechange.org/profiles/mes-darom