Application to the UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development Youth Conference submitted!

Cringey video, but not bad to bring the whole application together in such a short amount of time having heard about it yesterday. Also good for making myself get over my discomfort at speaking to a camera, which I definitely need to do in readiness for the trip!

Communicating more simply = reaching out more effectively

I have amended my brief to communicate what I’m doing slightly more simply – the new tagline on the blog reflects it.  If you’re wondering what the tagline was previously, it was ‘Seeking initiatives working with young people to achieve environmental sustainability’.

I didn’t take a photo today like I usually do (which is a continuation of the 100 Happy Days project  – – that I technically finished in April, and a way to communicate my travels and findings over the coming months). However, I found this one that I took last May to brighten up today’s blog post, which definitely fits the ‘100 Happy Days’ philosophy and one I am increasingly trying to live by!





I went to the Ely Cathedral Business Group event earlier and heard Rown Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury, and Simon Wolfson, CEO of Next, speak about wealth creation. I was astounded by Simon’s controversial stance that the problem is our conception that there are limits to growth and wealth creation. I asked a question about the earth’s environmental limits and he suggested that it will all work out fine because of human innovation.