Heroes Too

Where: Hong Kong

When: We met on November 12th; the organisation has been running for 7 years.

Who: Raymond Yap is the founder of the organisation; he employs one other person and has the help of numerous volunteers and interns.

What: Heroes Too is all about “Protecting Our Planet Through People Power”, the slogan that defines what they do. Their core activity is the Green Action Pledge. It is an educational programme targeted at schools, corporates and individuals, empowering people to take small efforts to change their lifestyle by aggregating all of the individual actions of those involved. The programme is currently focused on schools; they have created six curricula centred around plastic, paper, water, food, energy and clothes. Students and teachers are then encouraged to take action together and monitor how much impact that can make as one whole community.

Heroes Too is also involved in tree planting, a Sustainable Design Competition for university students, and they make ‘green’ products which they sell online and in some shops in Hong Kong to encourage more environmentally conscious buying. In the longer term these products should generate profit to fund the organisation’s other activities.

Why: After being diagnosed with cancer in the same year as his first grandchild was born Raymond gained a new perspective and awareness of the fragility of life; he set up the organisation in response to concern for his grandchildrens’ future and his desire to help address some of the issues we face in the world.

Further info: heroestoo.com/about/heroes


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