A SEED Japan

Where – Tokyo, Japan

When – we met on 18th November 2014. The organisation was established in 1991 before the UN (Rio) Earth Summit the following year to unite Japanese young people’s voices.

Who – I met with Ryo Nagai, a volunteer at the organisation. There are 2 staff and about 100 volunteers part of the network.

What – A SEED stands for Action for Solidarity, Equality, and Environment and Development. There are a number of activities happening to meet those aims. Currently, there are 4 main projects going on in the following areas:
1. Eco-Chokin Project – ‘ethical banking’ – raising awareness of and assessing the status of banks according to the social good they create
2. Organic agriculture
3. Recycling of mobile phones and contributing to sustainable development efforts in African countries
4. Saving energy – particularly focused on urban areas; newest project – it started in April

Why – to strive for a sustainable and fair society, focusing predominantly on cross border environmental problems and their social injustices, taking action in Japan. The idea is to help to change the social system in relation to environmental issues.

Find out more – http://www.aseed.org/english/


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