Sustainability Trust

Where: Wellington, NZ

When: I visited on Jan 29th. It was established 11 years ago in 2004.

Who: I met with Vishal who has worked with the organisation for a year and a half. He is originally from the UK and initially started as a volunteer when he saw how bad the quality of some of the housing is in Wellington, and wanted to do something about it. There are more than 30 people part of the staff team as well as lots of volunteers, including their librarian who maintains their free resource of books and DVDs for anyone to borrow.


What: The Sustainability Trust in Wellington is a social enterprise and a part of New Zealand’s Environment Centre network. It provides recycling facilities, advice and consultations on improving energy efficiency in peoples’ homes, and services such as installing insulation and solar power systems. It also has a shop selling environmentally friendly products for peoples’ homes and runs workshops on all manner of things relating to living sustainably, from composting to green parenting.

Why: In their own words, they work with households and communities across the Wellington Region to improve well-being and reduce collective environmental impact. Their focus is on urban sustainability, particularly to do with housing and day to day lifestyle choices.

Impacts/successes: There is a great display of their impact last year here:

Further info:


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