Where – based in Irkutsk, Russia

When – I met Valentina on 26th September 2014. The organisation was set up in 2011 when Irkutsk celebrated its 350 year anniversary. The idea was to create presents/gifts for the city from its citizens in addition to the whole city’s celebration plans.

Who – many people including: Mayarenkov Sergey, Geevskaya Ksenia, Dubas Sergey, Ostroverhova Marina, Krapivin Roman, Sizyh Maxim, Davydova Larisa, Kazimirenok Valentina (who I met), Yatsenko Oleg, and others besides, all residents of Irkutsk.

What – Cheloveki directly translates as “Men of Irkutsk”. At its conception in 2011, several projects were developed in relation to culture, urban development and branding; At the same time they recruited a team of people who were interested in these social activities to continue these activities beyond the anniversary celebrations.

Now, the organisation carries out social innovation research, and develops and implements the creation of non-commercial organisations. There are projects around entrepreneurship, culture, ecology and urban development.

Why – for local residents to impact upon the environment and infrastructure of the city of Irkutsk, to provide the framework and support for people to be active citizens.

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