Where –
Embercombe, Devon, UK

When –
11th-13th April 2014

Who –
Mac, Sabina, Kanada, other ‘Friends of Embercombe’ (weekend volunteers)

What –
‘Touching hearts, stimulating minds and inspiring action for a truly sustainable world’

Why –
To encourage each person to be a leader to make the difference needed – to have vision and courage, feel inspired, be resolute and have resilience.

How –
Embercombe run courses, hold Friends Working Weekends, events and open days, talks and training. For 18-25 year olds there is a specific course, the Catalyst Course, which lasts 5 days and seeks to create change-makers.

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Personal reflections –
Having returned from participating in a ‘friends weekend’ last weekend, I feel like my journey has begun in the metaphorical sense. It’s still 4.5 months until I embark on my trip overland to Australia but this weekend has just properly kickstarted me into it. I gained so much from it:
– Met amazing people,
– Experienced the beautiful surroundings of a patch of Devonshire countryside,
– Heard Mac’s story and some of the ideas and motivations behind Embercombe,
– Felt real resonance with all that was said,
– Stayed in a yurt for the first time,
– Sat round a campfire more times in one weekend than the last 10 years put together, and
– Left feeling totally energised and invigorated by the people I met and conversations I had – I think is what Embercombe does to people.

What a start.


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