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Where – Somerset House, London, UK

When – 6th May 2014

Who – met Belén, head of events, part of the team of 3 core staff

What – a mobile society of the world’s most extraordinary young game changers; a network of high character, high impact leaders under the age of 30

Why – to identify millennial leaders and accelerate them from local impact to global influence, creating a community and close network of innovative ambitious individuals who are connected across the world

How – through city hubs, led by (volunteer ambassadors) who help to create the thriving community by organising events and foster the sense of togetherness. There is also an annual retreat for the newest cohort once a year to enable the person to person connection. To apply to be part of the community there are 3 stages – written application, creative expression of yourself and then an interview

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The team are working on developing an app to make it easier for everyone in the community (currently around 1000 members) to find each other, and also focusing on developing more hubs in Latin America and Africa, whilst maintaining the strong sense of community and trust.

Belén and I talked about how they manage to foster the sense of community with a network spread across the world – she highlighted the importance of the ambassadors involved in a particular hub, which reminds me of the importance of the person to person connection. The application process makes people feel the value, the facebook page keeps the whole community connected and the annual cohort of new members brings people together in what I imagine is an intense, inspiring and innovative way.

By the end of the year they are hoping to have 1500 members and 54 hubs (they currently have 34).

Next steps for me? Apply to the network myself! Despite reservations about whether I can really apply the adjectives used on the website to myself I guess I can aspire to them! – and Belén gave me such a warm welcome to the community how can I not try?!  And more importantly for this trip, get connected to others who will be located along the way who are working on environmental sustainability initiatives themselves.


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